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Sword of the Protector

Sword of the Protector Forged from the blue stars of Khima, this special sword is one of a kind. It was a gift from the Great King to a red panda samurai named Tomodachi. With this sword, Tomodachi began a new order known as the Protectors. From Tomodachi's bloodline, the lineage of the Protectors sprouted forth and live on to this very day.

The Protectors have sworn an oath to protect all of the kingdoms and nation groups from all forms of danger, harm, and especially from the evil Jack Frost. The sword is an heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to the next, and has the ability to glow a vibrant blue when pure evil is near. Only the most worthy, dedicated, and capable earn the right to be honored with the title of the Protector.

Chingu is the current and rightful owner of the sword. It has traveled down through his bloodline as far back as seven thousands into the past. Chingu is the only true and worthy opponent to stand in the way of Jack Frost's evil.

The sword holds many secret abilities and powers still to be discovered. After thousands of years, the previous protectors have yet to tap into the sword's full potential.