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Time Crystal

Time Crystal This crystal has been molded and fashioned to fit into the cover on the Book of Snow. As beautiful as it may be, it isn't merely some sort of decorative trinket. This particular crystal has the ability to bend space and time. In capable hands, it can be used to travel through time or to summon someone or something from another era all together.

Through research, hard work, and at great financial cost, the crystal was acquired by Lotora. She initially molded and shaped the crystal to fit inside the front cover of what she was planning to call the Book of Frost. With the crystal embedded in the cover, the book would act as a conduit allowing the reader to choose a time or place of travel by simply turning a page and touching an image on the page of choice.

This crystal has many special properties that make it unique. One ability is that the crystal can heal itself if it becomes broken or damaged in any way. The crystal also can change size, shape, and color depending on the circumstance. Nobody knows the depth of mystery this stone holds. It has been around since the earliest point in history. It's rare to find anyone that can truly understand its workings. Lotora has been the most knowledgeable on this stone than anyone else. In fact, her entire life's ambitions have been poured into learning about, studying, and pursuing this item. Some legends have claimed that the crystal is sentient and able to think and will things to be. In any case, it's not an object or matter to be taken lightly.