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Kringle's House

Kringle's House Christopher and Catherine Kringle have lived in their family home for more years than they can count. Much of the work was done by Christopher himself. It has always been a warm place where visitors are welcome and everyone is treated as family. The house is very large, with many rooms that accommodate both humans and teddy bear visitors. Flurry frequently refers to the house as a castle.

In the past, Christopher had spent many years on the run, or in hiding from enemies. Before Jack Frost had been imprisoned, much of the people blamed Christopher for Jack's reign of tyranny. After spending many years in Ebongreene Forest, Christopher and his wife were pleased to settle down and have a house to call their own.

The house was built in a very special place and it has some hidden secrets that no one else knows about. It is not entirely as it appears while it has a mysterious connection to another house of identical construction.