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Shin Ronin

Shin Ronin The original city of Ronin was a beautiful and majestic city in the distant north. It was a city that could only be reached by flight. Thousands of years ago, it was home to the remnants of the red panda tribes that had survived after years of persecution from Jack Frost. The few that remained no longer had masters and were now on their own. Jack had been on a relentless campaign to exterminate all red pandas from the face of the planet so he could be the only one in existence.

Jack sent the general of his army, Nero, to Ronin with orders to destroy it. Nero succeeded, but sometime after Jack's defeat in the aftermath of his assault, Tomodachi rebuilt the city in a new land named Everfall. This land was given its name because the leaves of the trees were always red, orange, and yellow all year long. Like before, this new city was built so that it could only be reached by flight.

For thousands of years, Shin Ronin has been the home to the Protectors. A majority of the red pandas moved on and settled other cities throughout Nallan Min and Ailurus. Only the most devout and skilled warriors remained and their descendants live in Shin Ronin to this day.

The red panda tribes built platforms on the sides of the stone at the base of the city. These platforms are for them to land their ree-yu. Ree-yu are the preferred method of transportation for the red panda warrior tribes. Much like dragons, ree-yu aren't exactly dragons. Some do call them a lesser dragon.