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Ursadoom Ursadoom was once a monument to the strength of the tribes of Urs. The bear tribes used to be war faring until the age of peace. The era of peace shifted the power and influence from Ursadoom to the garden city of Ursidea. Ursadoom has always been thought to be an impregnable fortress. Any enemies of the tribes of Urs feared its towering walls of cold, black stone.

Being in the northern region of Urs, the polar bears became the keepers of the fortress. Leading up to the fortress was nothing but flat, cracked, and dry land. The back of the fortress sat at the edge of a cliff into a deep canyon below. In the distance, there was nothing but mountains as far as the eye could see. The position of Ursadoom made it difficult for enemies to attack from any side but the front, but it's metal gates were but impossible to surpass.

Later, the power of Ursadoom fell to an unlikely enemy. An infamous red panda named Jack Frost took over and ruled the polar bears with an iron fist. Jack Frost led his army into the neighboring lands to conquer all who would not bow before him as their king. Ursadoom became a symbol of Jack's power and the never ending tyranny that the lands thought were pressing down upon them.

Jack had many victories from Ursadoom. He held the fortress for many years until someone he didn't suspect usurped his power and took the polar bear army from him.