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Ursidea Ursidea was the crown jewel of the Urs Empire. The tribes of Urs used to be war faring, but gave up their warring ways to embrace peace and to pursue enrichment in art, culture, music, and knowledge. As a symbol of their enlightenment, they built the city of Ursidea. Ursidea was intentionally built without any walls or defenses and had a policy of welcoming any and all that came to visit.

The city was truly beautiful and was one of the great wonders of the world. Ursidea was a lush, garden city with waterfalls, rivers, creeks, gardens, trees, and flowers as far as the eye could see. Their architecture was made from the finest and most beautiful stone topped with vibrant blue roofs. The marble structures contrasted the vibrant green surroundings splendidly. Travelers from every tribe, tongue, and nation would travel far and wide to gaze upon the city's beauty.

However, this city was not meant to endure. Jack Frost conquered the tribes of Urs and laid claim to Ursidea. The might of Jack's army rested in the polar bears that primarily occupied the fortress of Ursadoom. Yet, Jack had an eye for beauty. His pride and assurance that nobody could conquer him led to his decision to take up residence in Ursidea and make it the capital of his empire.

Little did Jack Frost know that his rule would one day come to an end and a massive battle would lay Ursidea to waste. The ruins of Ursidea were piled up over the throne room and the entire city was buried and long forgotten. To this day, there are very few that even know where to look for the once glorious city of Ursidea.