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Ursus The small village of Ursus resides in the land of the north. Some refer to this land as the North Pole, though it isn't truly at the northern most point on the globe. Ursus is more to the south in the region known as Mezarim. The land of Mezarim is fairly sparse with the exception of a massive city named Polaris and its satellite village named Ursus.

Ursus' streets combine to create a snowflake shape to the village. Much like Ursus, the perimeter of Polaris also makes another snowflake shape. If seen from orbit, the two communities would look like the snowflake crest of the Snow family, which is embroidered on Flurry's scarf.

Flurry comes from this village of Ursus. It is home to hundreds of teddy bears that have been given life through various means and circumstances. Some bears are recovered from being tossed aside after a child grows up and no longer wants their childhood bear. Other bears are of new construction due to a need for more bears or because the older bears wanted to have cubs. The Great King gave Christopher Kringle this gift of giving live to anything he wished. Despite some restrictions and rules, Christopher has used this ability to give life to many plush bears and enlists them as his helpers in spreading cheer to others, especially the less fortunate.

Ursus is actually the third teddy bear village. There was once an original teddy bear village that was destroyed by the evil Jack Frost. Luckily, the members of the first village were saved by a mysterious hero that showed up at just the right time. A statue was erected in memory of said hero. Flurry's teddy bear mother took inspiration from this statue when designing what her cub would look like, for she wanted Flurry to also be a great hero and inspiration to others someday.

The second teddy bear village was in Ebongreene Forest for a long time until the age of peace, when Jack Frost was frozen in ice for thousands of years. During this age of peace, the teddy bears relocated from Ebongreene Forest to Mezarim, just on the outskirts of where Polaris now sits. At that time, Polaris didn't exist, it was built much later. Christopher Kringle and his wife built their family home at Ursus and reside there to this day.