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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1:
How many books are in the series?

Answer: In this first set of books about Flurry's adventures, there are going to be twelve total. I plan to have many other books that take place outside the main series as well. For example, I'm working on a trilogy about Drizzle, a trilogy about Chingu, and a second "season" (if you will) of books about Flurry. Yes, I have a lot planned. Stay tuned, there's always more on the way.

Question #2:
Are your books family friendly?

Answer: YES! My books are packed full of action and adventure, but I keep everything G rated. Though many adults love to read about Flurry's epic adventures, it's appropriate and acceptable for younger readers, too.

Question #3:
When will there be a movie?

Answer: I would love to make a movie. In fact, I visualize my stories as movies before I write them. In my mind, I see it all play out in my head as if it were on the big screen. That said, I don't have the budget to do such a grand endeavor. Spread the word about Flurry - the more his fan base grows, the more likely such a thing could take place.

Question #4:
Is Flurry just a teddy bear running around, or is he like a real bear?

Answer: It's slightly more complicated than a clear cut yes or no. Granted, Flurry is a teddy bear brought to life, but he has been granted properties that defy what would be true for a plush bear. I think of Flurry as more of a hybrid. He's "technically" a teddy bear, but he has certain attributes that make him more real. For example, Flurry can breathe, has teeth, feels hunger, gets thirsty, and has the ability to sweat, just to name a few differences. So he isn't fully a teddy bear, but he isn't a real flesh and blood bear either. The real question to be asking is whether or not he'll remain that way.

Question #5: So Flurry is a polar bear right?
Answer: No. He comes from a land that is so far north that most regard it as the North Pole; he isn't actually a polar bear. Caboose is the polar bear plush in the group. Flurry is a bear from a village named Ursus up in the land of Mezarim. He may happen to have white fur, but many other bears from his village have a wide variety fur colors.

Question #6: Why doesn’t Flurry have a tail?
Answer: That's explained in The Granted Wish.

Question #7: How does Flurry travel to and from Ursus and Middleasia?
Answer: He uses a device known as the Ayever Del.

Question #8: Flurry’s so cute, where can I buy one of my own?
Answer: There are plush bears available here: MERCHANDISE

Question #9: Your main character is a teddy bear. So it's just for kids then?
Answer: Absolutely not! The reading level is indeed written at a level for children between the ages of 7 and 14 in order to be more accessible to younger reading audience. However, the novels are meant for all ages and walks of life. In fact, they are quite fun and exciting stories to read. My books are filled with action, adventure, swordfights, and epic battles. Who wouldn't love that?

Question #10: Why doesn’t Noah have a mouth?
Answer: That’s just the way he was manufactured at the toy factory. It’s not a serious problem since he’s a plush toy after all. He doesn’t need to eat or breathe to live, and he gets his messages across quite clearly as you'll see later on in the books.

Question #11: What language does Honja speak?
Answer: Korean.

Question #12: Why is it that Vallidore is living with the Kringles in The Throne of Frost but he isn't there in The Granted Wish?
Answer: That's a very simple answer. He wasn't there yet. From Flurry's birth until the time he ends up in Middleasia is an undisclosed amount of time. The possibility exists that years may have passed, but that remains to be revealed. In any case, Vallidore does eventually begin living with the Kringle family. Somewhere during that time frame, Flurry grew to love him and call him Doggy.

Question #13: Why does Flurry have so many tufts of hair when the others don’t?
Answer: Keep in mind that Flurry’s a little cub. Just like a human child, Flurry needs to be groomed and taken care of to some degree. Flurry’s teddy bear parents would always fix his fur and comb it all back nicely, but as soon as they would look away Flurry would go and mess his fur back up again. He doesn’t really like his fur being nice and neat. He always looks like he just woke up from bed and has bed fur. It adds to Flurry’s charm and good looks, or so he thinks.

Question #14: If Chingu is supposed to be a great warrior, how did he almost get defeated by Jack?
Answer: Chingu is very young. He's only a teenager. You could say that he's "wet behind the ears" still. Chingu will mature and grow into a most formidable opponent for Jack or anyone else that dares to cross him. A true warrior isn't born overnight. Like everything, it takes time. Chingu has an exciting future ahead of him. In The Throne of Frost, Chingu is fourteen years old.

Question #15: Who's the Great King you mention from time to time?
Answer: That's a secret. However, down the road he will be making an appearance. For now, you will have to learn about him through the legends and rumors.

Question #16: How old are Mr. and Mrs. Kringle?
Answer: Mrs. Kringle, also known as Catherine, is 37 years old; and Mr. Kringle, also known as Christopher, is 40 years old at the time of the events in the end of The Granted Wish novel. However, that's how old they are in physical appearance. They've actually been alive for thousands of years.

Question #17: When will I see Flurry at the movie theater?
Answer: Didn't I answer this already? This question is asked more than I can count. I'd love for there to be a movie some day. For now, I could never afford such a project on my own.

Question #18: Will you ever write books about other characters?
Answer: Yes! There are already plans afoot. Drizzle and Chingu will each be getting a trilogy. I'm thinking of telling some history about Vallidore and Isangrim in an alternative form of media.

Question #19: You should have an animated series!
Answer: That's not a question. Yes, I should! I'm actually working on "something" right now. Only time will tell how it all pans out.

Question #20: Will there be a movie?
Answer: This question again? Really?