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The Land of the Sourpie - 5 Star Reviews!

Reader's Favorite had five individuals review Flurry's second book, The Land of the Sourpie. It was unanimous! All five reviewers gave it 5 STARS! See what they had to say below, or click on the book image to go directly to the Readers' Favorite page.



The Land of the Sourpie is the second book in the charming series about Flurry the bear by J.S. Skye. After reading book 1, I was glad to see book 2 was available for review. After three months with his new family in the human world (where Flurry was supposed to learn some humility and that he's not the center of the world), Flurry has the chance to visit home. He is also allowed to take his new friends with him. The little teddy bear is excited to see his real family again, but his excitement soon turns into something quite different. He finds out that he has a sister, is utterly upset, and thinks his parents have replaced him. His feelings are the beginning of a new adventure, and poor little Caboose, a polar bear (in teddy bear form!) gets involved. Fall, Flurry's sister, follows them, and suddenly the three find themselves in a less than pleasant adventure in the land of Sourpie: a land filled with sour looking cats with a foul character.

Flurry needs to learn to overcome his pride - which got everyone into trouble to begin with. I enjoyed reading the story and got through it in two sittings because it was hard to put the book aside. Determined kids might very well spend an afternoon and evening reading non-stop. The writing draws you in and is just the perfect level for young readers and older readers who need something a bit lighter for in between, because who really wants to be an adult all the time and only read difficult material? The author manages the fine balance of not writing in too simple a way nor writing in too complicated a way. While Flurry's adventure is anything but smooth, the reading experience certainly is.

There are also some very important lessons in the story that could have an impact on readers of all ages. We learn what happens when you are too self-centered, and that it is important to stand up and take responsibility for the mistakes you made. Flurry needs a while to get there, but showing his development is the point of the story. I feel that this series is very valuable for kids: they can grow up together with Flurry, have fun with his adventures, and learn a lot about life at the same time. And some adults could benefit from the lessons, too!


The Land of the Sourpie is the second book in J.S. Skye’s animal fantasy series for children and preteens, Flurry the Bear. Flurry loved living with Mommy and Daddy and his new friends, but he did miss his real mom and dad back in Ursus. So he was thrilled when he heard that he and his friends had been invited for a visit. Flurry couldn't wait to see his mom and dad again! They were excited as well and had prepared a big party to celebrate. When he got there, however, Flurry was stunned to learn that he had a new sister. He felt angry and betrayed, fearing that they had replaced him, and nothing his mom could say made it better. While everyone was enjoying the good food, Flurry and and polar bear friend, Caboose, sat glumly in his room. Then Flurry had an idea -- they'd visit his Uncle Vinegar. Little did the two friends realize the unlikely adventure that was waiting for them.

J.S. Skye’s fantasy novel for children and preteens, The Land of the Sourpie: Flurry the Bear, Book Two, is an enchanting adventure fantasy that entertains as it explores the debilitating effects of jealousy and sibling rivalry. Flurry learns the hard way that his sister is not his replacement and that she's actually pretty cool in a way as well. During their adventure, Caboose and Flurry meet wolf and cat clans who have their own territorial and sibling rivalries. While this book could be read on its own, don't do it. This series gathers steam as it progresses, and you won't want to miss out on any of the fun and excitement. Skye's plot is finely crafted, and his writing is both intelligent and accessible for children -- a rare feat indeed! The Land of the Sourpie: Flurry the Bear, Book Two is most highly recommended.


The Land of the Sourpie by J.S. Skye is the delightful second book in the Flurry the Bear children’s series. Flurry is excited to return home to visit his parents and Christopher Kringle in the land known to humans as the North Pole. After spending several months on Earth to try to learn humility, Flurry is allowed to come back and bring his new friends. Upon arriving home, however, Flurry is shocked to find out he has a sister, and jealousy overcomes him. He and his best friend, Caboose, try to visit Uncle Vinegar, but just like his name, he is a sour old bear and throws them out after Caboose knocks over a pile of maps.

Concerned about what her older brother may be up to, Fall follows Flurry and Caboose and tries to convince them to come back to the house. When a map of the land of the Sourpie is found stuck on Caboose, Flurry is convinced it is the place to go for a grand adventure and some wonderful food. Unfortunately, Flurry’s vanity and innocence make him and his companions pawns in the devious plans of Isangrim, the leader of the wolf pack. Left alone at the border of the land of the Sourpie, Flurry, Fall and Caboose find themselves among cats who are not happy to have visitors. King Sourpuss is convinced it is a trick by his brother, King Ja’gwar, to take over his land. With Fall and Caboose prisoners, Flurry has to convince King Ja’gwar to help. As if that’s not enough, no one is aware of the threat of the wolves who have plans of their own.

J.S. Skye has created another wonderful story full of action and valuable lessons for children of all ages in Flurry the Bear: The Land of the Sourpie. Flurry is a clever little bear cub, but he has a lot to learn about being a friend and big brother. He also needs to realize that not everything is what it seems or what he wants, but as he progresses through his adventures, these lessons unfold. The Flurry the Bear series by J.S. Skye is well written, attention-grabbing and full of fun and excitement that is perfect for children. The added bonus of learning some moral lessons also can’t be beat! Another great story with wonderful characters and lessons built in.


The Land of the Sourpie by J.S. Skye is the second book in the Flurry the Bear series. After three months away from home, Flurry gets a chance to return home and take his friends with him. His homecoming is nothing like he imagines. Once home, he meets his new little sister, Fall. Feeling replaced, Flurry talks his friend, Caboose, into running away to see his Uncle Vinegar, and the two discover a map to a mysterious place called Sourpie. Wanting to see a land of sour pies, Flurry talks Caboose and Fall into a dangerous adventure in a jungle where unsuspecting enemies lurk. When Fall and Caboose are taken by the cats of Agrio, it's up to Flurry to put aside his pride to save them.

Flurry and his friends have settled into their new life with their human mother, forming a family unit. They're very different from each other in backgrounds and culture, but they provide a balance to each other. Flurry is a bit dramatic and mischievous, but his friends balance him. The Land of the Sourpie focuses mainly on Flurry's relationships with Caboose and Fall. Many lessons are woven into the plot as Flurry deals with pride, jealousy, and anger, specifically when coping with a new sibling. His relationship with Fall is at the heart of the story as he feels replaced by her, and takes those feelings out on her.

As the journey progresses, Flurry bonds with Fall and the two find common ground. Caboose is adorable, looking up to Flurry and always following him around. He has an innocent and sweet personality, clever and full of curiosity. He's the one that starts the journey when his curiosity leads him to knocking over Uncle Vinegar's maps. J.S. Skye has created a world full of imagination that's magical and creative. The Land of the Sourpie is a dangerous and whimsical adventure with a world that you'll fall in love with as much as the characters.


The Land of the Sourpie is a beautifully written fantasy tale by J.S. Skye and book 2 in the Flurry the Bear series. Flurry had learnt many things since leaving the North Pole, his most favourite of all being the many varieties of food. He had been sent away from his family to learn humility. He had settled into his new home, made new friends, but when a letter from the North Pole came telling him he and his friends could visit, Flurry couldn't contain his excitement. Little did he know when he reached his homeland that there would be a surprise awaiting him, and it would lead him on an adventure he could never have imagined.

The Land of the Sourpie possesses a fairytale descriptive style that brings to life this charming tale for adult and child reader alike. J.S. Skye successfully portrays and addresses some major emotional issues that children may face and, under the guise of a fluffy teddy bear cub, teaches some important and valuable lessons. The reader is plunged straight into Flurry's world in an action packed adventure written in a level appropriate manner. As a parent, I often say my child has a lot of big emotions for such a little person, and to see this reflected in Flurry came as quite a surprise. This is what every children's book should strive to be; fun with morals and lessons presented in a way so that the child reading it doesn't notice they are there, and yet recognises their value. Flurry really does portray the very persona of a child, from his child-like naivety, to his perception and outlook. His adventure will be loved by children, and appreciated by adults.